SimPro Dock 2



Effortless and seamless connections, connect up to 3 monitors, and up to 5 usb ports. With it's omni-compatability and power supply capabilities of charging up to 6A the ASUS SimPro Dock 2— is your one-stop-dock with extended connectivity which ensures seamless interfaces with all the devices you need.


Effortless Connections:
1. IC Smart card reader is included for easy transaction
2. Connect to up to three monitors ; Connect up to one 5K display or dual 4K displays. Traditional VGA port is included.
3. Up to 5 USB port, including two Thunderbolt 3 support faster data transfer up to 40Gbps

1. Easy and Fuss-free one-button Sync-up with your notebook
SimPro Dock 2 can quickly start your notebook by pressing the power button of dock.
2. Easy and Instant notebook Status Indicator
The LED indicator ‘sync up' with your notebook instantly, so it is easy to know the status of notebook.

Power Supply:
1. Charging: Supporting up to 6A of power throughput for rapid charging
2. Compatibility: Provide up to 120W power for compatible laptops, which improves the efficiency of power delivery and charging.